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June 28, 2010

Not much to say about England’s World Cup demise beyond what has been said already all over the English media, except for this.

The Sunday Times yesterday reported that following the dismal draw against Algeria, gloom descended on Chancellor George Osborne’s speech-writing team preparing for the emergency budget statement. I quote:

“We realized then that we would be delivering the budget at a time when England were still to qualify for the knockout stage of the tournament” said an aide. “There would be no feelgood factor to propel us. We would need a darned good speech.”

For goodness sake, do they think the electorate is that stupid? That we would all wake up the following morning bleary eyed but euphoric, thinking “that’s OK, George. 20% VAT? No problem, we’re into the next round!”?

If anyone believes that the world is as it was in 1966, when the World Cup victory was credited with winning the election for Labour, and when millions of happy workers raised their productivity in the steel mills, coal mines and car factories, then they are hopelessly naïve. For starters, there are virtually no coal mines, steel mills and car factories left. Do they think that the denizens of our service economy would have their collective foot on the gas and sold more derivatives, houses and mobile phone contracts? Would the unemployed have worked harder at being unemployed?

Not likely. Those who could afford it would have been in Wetherspoons and wine bars getting wasted until 2am. The economy would have lost a good thirty percent of its productive capacity for the months of June and July. Now at least the hangover will be painful but short.

The mentality of the government spin doctors is the same as it was nine years ago, when one of the Labour “communications” team remarked in an email that eventually came to light that 9/11 “was a good day to bury bad news on the economy”.

I’d love to know what they were planning to bury on the day we won the World Cup. They probably thought that it would have been a good day to announce the abolition of the National Health Service and old-age pensions. So this is what our sons and daughters learn on those super media studies courses at University…..

I was also amused to see the photo of David Cameron watching the England-Germany match with Angela Merkel at the G8 Summit. As self-conscious a couple as ever you would see. If the tabloids weren’t hard at work pouring derision over our unfortunate footballers, you could have counted on their coming up with some creative dialogue between the two.

I understand that Angela apologized to David for the goal that wasn’t. Apologized? Why apologize, unless the apology went something like: “I’m so sorry David. We had arranged for that to happen in the last minute of extra time with the score at 3-2 to Germany. What goes around comes around, mein freund.”? No doubt his reply would have been “that’s alright Angela, your team has only caused a Europe-wide sovereign debt meltdown and cost me the next election.”

Cheer up David, we’ve just beaten the Aussies at cricket. Surely you can get away with burying the abolition of the Prison Service?

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