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October 10, 2010

The death of Linda Norgrove in Afghanistan comes as I near the end of Megan Stack’s book Every Man in This Village is a Liar.  Stack is a journalist with the Los Angeles Times who was posted first to Afgahnistan and subsequently to the Middle East. In the book she recounts her experiences in Afgahnistan after the US invasion, Iraq after the US invasion there, Lebanon during Hariri’s assassination and during the Israeli hostilities against Hezbollah, with stories about Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s elections thrown in for good measure.

As a litany of the brutality of war and its consequences Every Man in this Village is hard to touch. Stack excels in depicting the atmosphere of viciousness and fear as insurgency takes hold in post-Saddam Iraq, and as death rains down on Lebanon from Israeli bombs at the height of the 2005 Hezbollah conflict.

Well worth reading – not that it will deter any future combatants from wreaking similar destruction on innocent people.

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