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Bahrain Bulletin – Friday 18 February

February 18, 2011

Very calm for most of the day. As my wife and I walked home from a nearly location, we came across a large procession of Shia chanting “peaceful” and “no religion” in Arabic. They were headed for a nearby cemetry. Within half an hour of arriving at the apartment, we heard shots coming from the direction of the Pearl Roundabout. There were two bursts. They were not sustained. We subsequently discovered that there were substantial casualties from the fusillades.

Salmaniya Hospital, which is about 2km away from us, is apparently overwhelmed. My wife, who is a registered nurse with trauma experience, was prepared to go over and help, but was advised in no uncertain terms that it would be extremely dangerous to go. There are thousands around the hospital, and reports on the TV that armed forces, for whatever reason, have been denying ambulances carrying casualties access to the hospital. Also reports that live rounds have been fired.

The Crown Prince has been on Bahrain TV offering immediate talks with the opposition factions behind the protests. You can be sure that there will be intense discussions in the King’s palace tonight. The big unanswered question is to what extent were the shooters acting within their orders, and under whose orders?

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  1. So tragic. I feel so anxious and at the same time saddened by what is happening. Let their souls be in peace.

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