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Introducing Dark Red Hat

April 7, 2013

59steps has always been pretty eclectic in its choice of subjects. That’s because I have a fairly wide range of interests. The style of the blog is not to present opinions “in your face”. I prefer to let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. I try and present coherent arguments, yes. But it’s not in my nature to be absolutist – usually. 59steps is not a pulpit for any particular political or social agenda.

But there are things I feel strongly about, and I try to reflect those views in 59steps in a rational and constructive light.

Like everyone, however, I have my hobby horses. Things that annoy me. Issues that have no apparent solution, that are just frustrating aspects of daily life, or stuff I read about in the media that makes me want to kick the proverbial cat.

So I have created an alter ego for 59steps – a new blog called Dark Red Hat – as a platform for those occasions when the red mist descends.

Why the name? Here’s the explanation in “About the Hat”:

“I was born the second child of four. For me, that meant being condemned to a life of reasonable behaviour. Negotiating between older and younger siblings. Seeing both sides of the argument. The diplomat.

Not a bad way to be, you might think. I suppose not, and it’s certainly helped me to have a reasonably successful career and a number of long-lasting business and personal relationships. But beneath the façade of reason, there lurks a grumpy old man that I only reveal occasionally, and only then to those who know me well.

So I’ve decided to let the lava dome of decades of unshared grumpiness crack open.

Why the Dark Red Hat? In Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Red Hat thinking is about gut feeling and emotion – classic right-brain stuff. Black Hat Thinking is about the downside, the negative. So Dark Red just about fits the bill for this curmudgeonly site.

Your contributions are welcome – especially if you would like a platform for guest blogging – so long as they’re not libellous, racist or sexist. Oh, and I will not look kindly on any attempts to stir up religious hatred or provoke World War Three. That leaves a bit of scope, doesn’t it?

I know lots of people who say “I’d love to write a blog, but I just don’t have the time”. That’s why I hope Dark Red Hat will be a platform for some of you who have strong opinions but no outlet beyond “letters to the editor”. I don’t promise to publish everything that is sent to the site. I might publish excerpts, or I might reproduce the whole piece. I also won’t get into arguments as to why I decide not to publish your contribution. All I ask is that it is coherent, concise and not boring!”

Pieces I’ve posted to Dark Red Hat so far include a friendly arm over the shoulder of Kim Jong Un, the frustration of finding that you might have bought some adulterated meat, the perils of living in an antiseptic bubble, a tirade about email and thoughts on the hoo-ha around Barack Obama’s allegedly sexist remarks about a Californian law officer.

Check it out and enjoy!

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